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I am passing data from Dataset to a Variable of data type int.
I even tried to make a new combo box by writing this:
ComboBox cb1 =  new ComboBox();
cb1.DataSource = ds.Tables[0].DefaultView;
cb1.ValueMember = "xyz";

After that I tried to pass value to the variable, but runtime error occurs.

Any Solution?

Thanks in Advance !!!

By using where condition to get the selected data, I have created Dataset programatically. Then programatically Created Combobox as above mentioned, and then pass the value in an Integer Variable, which is not been done.
Any solution on how to pass value from dataset to an Integer Variable.
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André Kraak 11-Mar-12 14:54pm
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 11-Mar-12 15:06pm
Solution for what? You did not even show your exception (exception, not "run-time error).
Varun Sareen 12-Mar-12 0:32am
show us the error

1 solution

You can convert the DataSet table into the List of dynamic variable by using this method

private static List<dynamic> ConvertToDynamiList(DataTable dtObject)
            var columns = dtObject.Columns.Cast<datacolumn>();

            var dictionaryList = dtObject.AsEnumerable()
                .Select(dataRow => columns
                    .Select(column =>
                        new { Column = column.ColumnName, Value = dataRow[column] })
                             .ToDictionary(data => data.Column, data => data.Value)).ToList().ToArray();

            var result = new List<dynamic>();

            foreach (var emprow in (List<system.collections.idictionary>)dictionaryList.ToList<idictionary>())
                var row = (IDictionary<string,>)new System.Dynamic.ExpandoObject();
                Dictionary<string,> eachEmpRow = (Dictionary<string,>)emprow;

                foreach (KeyValuePair<string,> keyValuePair in eachEmpRow)

            return result;

and after getting the dynamic variable list you can use it for binding combobox or you can access the integer variabls from the list

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