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Hi all,

Is it posible to get network traffic per application from the resource monitor ?

In example i see it on the network tab at windows but i need the information in a program.

Thanks a lot !


Windows 7 X86/X64

1 solution

System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounterCategory and other related classes might be worth taking a look.
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therookie007 12-Mar-12 4:39am    
but do you got examples ?

i think i need to get application name first and then loop trough the performance counters.

But i need to know how to get the performance counter per application to build that.
dan!sh 12-Mar-12 4:56am    
Check this article:
therookie007 12-Mar-12 5:31am    
i see that he uses tcp stacks i need the performance counters and not the direct stacks:
This is my src with bandwith monitoring total but i need it from a single application like app.exe

Private Function GetTotalBW()

Dim pc As New PerformanceCounterCategory("Network Interface")
Dim instance As String = pc.GetInstanceNames(0)

Dim networkSent As New PerformanceCounter("Network Interface", "Bytes Sent/sec", instance)
Dim networkreceived As New PerformanceCounter("Network Interface", "Bytes Received/sec", instance)
Console.WriteLine("Monitoring " & instance)
Dim kbSent As Integer = networkSent.NextValue() / 1024
Dim kbReceived As Integer = networkreceived.NextValue() / 1024

Dim MBSent As Integer = kbSent / 1024
Dim MBReceived As Integer = kbReceived / 1024

TotalBW.Text = "Sending:" & kbSent & " kb/s" & " - " & MBSent & "MB/S"
TOTALBS.Text = "Receiving: " & kbReceived & " kb/s" & " - " & MBReceived & "MB/S"
' MsgBox(tmpstring)
' Threading.Thread.Sleep(1000)
End Function

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