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Hi all,

I am doing client side calculation in my application. Everything was working fine until client asked for number formatting. i.e

first it was 1000 + 2000 = 3000

this works fine but client's demand was 1,000 instead of 1000. I succeeded format the number using some Jquery plugins. But now I dont get calculations. Instead I get NaN in a result textbox.

Any help about this issue??

function GetTotal(val1,val2)
    documennt.getElementById('<%=txtResult.ClientID%>').value = Number(val1) + Number(val2);
Updated 12-Mar-12 0:42am
Bojjaiah 12-Mar-12 6:38am    
can u post your code?
hiren soni 12-Mar-12 6:43am    
i did.
Herman<T>.Instance 12-Mar-12 6:55am    
have you read this?
hiren soni 12-Mar-12 7:35am    
yes but result is still not correct. Using that method 1,000 + 2,000 i got 3 instead of 3,000.

try this

function GetTotal( val1, val2 ) {
           document.getElementById( '<%=txtResult.ClientID%>' ).value = parseInt( val1 ) + parseInt( val2 );
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hiren soni 12-Mar-12 7:20am    
Tried your code with ParseInt and ParseFloat but it gives result like
1,000 + 2,000 = 3
Bojjaiah 12-Mar-12 8:35am    
remove commas give=1000; like this
and document not documennt
checkout spelling in your code

try this:

function GetTotal( val1, val2 ) {
           document.getElementById( '<%=txtResult.ClientID%>' ).value = parseInt( val1.replace(',','') ) + parseInt( val2.replace(',','') );
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