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I am very new in programming .So from where i should to start.What should i try first.Kindly Suggest

I always recommend reading a book on a programming language to help get started.
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I think, as a fresher you should something FRESH in the IT Market.

I suggest you to start mobile development or g for HTML5.

Among all learning sites, i really like codeproject Learning Zones.[^]

Have a happy learning...
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Ankita_6 15-Mar-12 23:35pm    
Start with[^]
You need to learn how to Google.
MSDN is another encyclopedia.[^]

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Ankita_6 15-Mar-12 23:34pm    
If you want to get good in programming then i will suggest you start with C then move towards other kanguages

read Kernighan and Ritchie's book on C programming.
Read C++ book by stroustrup.
Then perhaps go study scott mayer's books.

Once you have done that you will perhaps understand all the in and outs of programming. then you can start with higher level technologies like ASP.NET/C# or Java/JSP.
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Check these links easily understandable

click here

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frist learn c and understand pop.

then move to c++ and understand oop.

then choose what do you have to develop.
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Hi ,
Excellent advice and site suggestions given above.
I would suggest to read[^]
This book will help you with both C# and also the Object Oriented Concepts(which are very important) .

Doing is learning so to try out hands-on programming you will need a good IDE.
Get the express edition of Visual Studio IDE from here:[^]

and start trying out code examples from the websites and the book.
start with simple examples (loops,arrays etc.)

this much will get you started.
happy programming.
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Ankita_6 15-Mar-12 23:35pm    
Thanks.i Will try it.
chandanadhikari 16-Mar-12 2:32am    
please vote for my answer if you liked it(fill the blank stars :) )
Thanks all for your valuable suggestion.Thank you all very much again.I will try to do best.
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