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Hi All

i have this code
Image<Bgr, Byte> currentFrame;
Capture grabber;
currentFrame = grabber.QueryFrame().Resize(320, 240, 2);
gray = currentFrame.Convert<Gray, Byte>();

//Face Detector
MCvAvgComp[][] facesDetected = gray.DetectHaarCascade(face,1.2,10,Emgu.CV.CvEnum.HAAR_DETECTION_TYPE.DO_CANNY_PRUNING,new Size(20, 20));

as you see, the code take fram from the webcam,
and pass it to the face detector,
and i have an image stored in the disk,
i want to use the face detector to detect the face in that image(use image from file not from the webcam)

what to do?
any help will be appreciated
Updated 20-Mar-12 5:05am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 19-Mar-12 17:11pm
What's the problem? Do you want to avoid storing data as a file or what. Do you use OpenCV or what? What is the grabber API?

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