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hello, plz can anyone plz help me i want to make a simple hangman game using, it consists of 2 forms, form 1 has 2 buttons,button1=player1,button2=player2, if the user presses on button1 an input box allows the user to enter a 5-letter word, this word is saved for use in form 2, if the user presses button 2 then he/she is directed to form2 form 2 consists of a button called"start guessing" 5 textboxes for the correct letters, a textbox for the wrong letters, and 7 textboxes for whenever the user guesses a wrong letter, it gets filled with a red color, when the user clicks on start guessing button an input box alllows the user to enter a letter, if that letter is correct it plazec it in one of the 5 textboxes, if it is wrong it places it in thw "wrong " textbox and colors one of the 7 textboxes, thanks in advance :)

Not exactly what you have asked, but then a good tutorial on making a hangman game in VB.NET. Please see this links[^][^]
They may be helpful to you.
thank u very much it was very helpful :)

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