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I have a config.xml file I want to add to the VSIX file and have the file copied to the $(ApplicationData)\[company name] directory.
In the manifest editor in vs2010 I am adding a Content with the following parameters;
Content Type:  Custom Extension Type
Source: File .....\config.xml

My problem is I can't find the format, if one is allowed in the Add to subfolder field. I've tried things like;

but when I double click on the vsix file it creates the directory structure I specified in the Add to subfolder textbox in my development folder.

Or am I completely on the wrong path here and there's a better way?

I found that by setting the config.xml file properties;
Build Action: Content
Include in VSIX: True

that the file gets deployed to the extension folder but now I have the problem of pro grammatically finding the location of the extension folder.

I see light at the end of the tunnel, lord I hope it ain't no train. :)

Thanks y'all
Updated 21-Mar-12 16:54pm

1 solution

OK I found the solution. I found the following snippet

private static string RetrieveAssemblyDirectory()
    string codeBase = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().CodeBase;
    var uri = new UriBuilder(codeBase);
    string path = Uri.UnescapeDataString(uri.Path);
    return Path.GetDirectoryName(path);

After thinking about the solution it makes perfect sense, hence the palm slap to the forehead while muttering a duh sound.

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