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hi all,

How to write string array into app config(c#) file and how to read those array values into our .cs file.

Thanks in advance...
Dinesh Mani 20-Mar-12 3:30am    
Why do you want to write data into your app config???

probably the easiest way to do this is to enter the value of the key with a delimeter (eg a comma). Use the string's Split function to split the values and there you have your array. Depending on the type of your needed array, you'll need to convert.

config file
<add key="myarray" value="1,5,6,8,9" />

Code behind
string myarrayvalue = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["myarray"];
string [] str_array = myarrayvalue.Split(new string[]{","}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyValues);

//if needed as eg. an integer.
int [] myintarray = new int[str_array.Length];
for(int i = 0; i < str_array.Length; i++){
  int output;
  if(int.TryParse(str_array[i], out output){
    myintarray[i] = output;
    myintarray[i] = -1;

This is a pretty basic question, please start out with a good book.
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Oshtri Deka 20-Mar-12 4:02am    
Old school ;).
IzetFazlinovic 31-Aug-14 20:37pm    
"This is pretty basic question...", but question was "How to write string array into app config(c#) file...". It seems this part of question is not pretty basic for you - no answer...
There is an existing class that can do just that: CommaDelimitedStringCollectionConverter Class[^]

There is an example as part of the ConfigurationConverterClass description[^]
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Oshtri Deka 20-Mar-12 4:03am    

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