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I am creating a Windows Forms Application using Visual Studio 2008.
I am reading excel like this

string strQuery = "Select * from [{0}]";
                       OleDbCommand cmd = new OleDbCommand(string.Format(strQuery, strSheetName));
                       cmd.Connection = connection;
                       OleDbDataAdapter adapter = new OleDbDataAdapter(cmd);
                       adapter.Fill(dataSet, (string)strSheetName);

But merge cells are not showing the data. like cell[5,4] has "x" and which is merged with cell[6,4] in this condition cell[6,4] is blank where i want the data to be repeated. anyone got this problem please help.

1 solution

Technically, that's not wrong.

If cell[5,4] = "x" and cell[6,4] = "x" and you merge them, then both of them still contain "x" even though they're merged.

If cell[6,4] was blank when you merged it, it remains blank even after merging.

I found that out the hard way while I was doing filtering.
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snehalgb 25-Apr-12 7:38am    
But it is too bad as i want the data there. I think there is no way than reading excel cell by cell and check for merge and do the next step. but it slows down the system.
it is very bad

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