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how to validate the password (strong password having atleast 1 charecter 1 number and 1 special charecter) in

The easiest way is to use a regular expression to check if the entered password is valid. The expression ((?=.*\\d)(?=.*[A-Za-z])(?=.*[@#$%])) will check if the entered password contains at least 1 number(?=.*\\d), 1 letter(either upper or lower case(?=.*[A-Za-z]) and 1 character in the list (?=.*[@#$%]).
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silverswim_1987 21-Mar-12 13:15pm    
i didnt understand
Here is the code Which dont use RegEx (Regular Expression)-

Dim i,j,k As Byte
Dim c as Char
   For Each c In Textbox1.Text
       If Not Char.IsLetterOrDigit(c.ToString(),0) Then
       'Will count special characters
       i += 1
       ElseIf Char.IsLetter(c.ToString(),0) Then
       'Will count characters
       j += 1
       ElseIf Char.IsDigit(c.ToString(),0) Then
       'Will count numbers
       k += 1
       End If
       If i >= 1 and j >= 1 and k >=1 Then
       MsgBox("Password is Strong")
       MsgBox("Password is Weak")
       End If
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silverswim_1987 27-Mar-12 13:29pm    
thnx javya its work dude thnx
Jαved 29-Mar-12 5:08am    
Anytime for you dude.
Accept it as answer then.

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