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Hi I want to play a .avi file using animation control in dialog boxes.I used animation control and then through the variable of the control, i called the respective functions like-open(),play()?It is working fine for small sized videos(100-300 kb),but
there is problem in playing heavy videos.Any Guesses abou the same.??

Also ,I want to display both images and video in the same dialog box.Suggestions welcome.Is it possible to use animation control for both the purposes-displaying videos as well as images?

Please reply.It is bit urgent.

Thanks in Advance.

This gives a thread procedure. You have to call this procedure using
AfxBeginThread()funation from your main dialog.
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I am simply using the following lines of code in OnInitDialog()




m_wndAnimate =variable of cAnimate control.

Please review and share your response.
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Resmi Anna 21-Mar-12 9:16am    
This will not work. because you have to continusly play the avi file. For that calling just one Play() is not enough. you refer the link i have specified. there the video is played in a message loop until you get the event to stop the play

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