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Hello. I have a problem with move next page. Assume that i have 5 pages of report. I can only move from first page to second page only. whatever i click next button, page keep showing on second page. It doesn't move to 3rd page than 4th...

my code is below :
private ReportDocument report;
private String reportName = "ABCrpt.rpt";

protected void NextButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

private void BindReport()
            if (Session["Rep"] == null)
                Hashtable Params = new Hashtable();
                Params.Add("StartDate", Convert.ToDateTime(this.StartDateFlexDevCalendar.GetDate));
                Params.Add("EndDate", Convert.ToDateTime(this.EndDateFlexDevCalendar.GetDate));

                report = new ReportDocument();
                report.Load(Server.MapPath("EN/" + reportName ));

                TableLogOnInfos tblLogonInfos = new TableLogOnInfos();
                TableLogOnInfo tblLogonInfo = new TableLogOnInfo();
                ConnectionInfo connectionInfo = new ConnectionInfo();

                connectionInfo.ServerName = "sokheng";
                connectionInfo.UserID = "sa";
                connectionInfo.Password = "1234";
                connectionInfo.DatabaseName = "DatabaseABC";

                foreach (CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.Table tbl in report.Database.Tables)
                    tblLogonInfo = tbl.LogOnInfo;
                    tblLogonInfo.ConnectionInfo = connectionInfo;

                if (Params != null)
                    foreach (DictionaryEntry p in Params)
                        report.SetParameterValue(Convert.ToString(p.Key), Convert.ToDateTime(p.Value));
                Session["Rep"] = report;
            report = (ReportDocument)Session["Rep"];
            this.rptviewer.ReportSource = report;

So please help me ... what should I do to solve this problem ?
sokhengsiv 24-Mar-12 2:10am
I have used crystalviewer build in tool bar. but viewer will always ask to logon every time i click on "Next, Previous, First, Last" buttons. Does anyone have better solution for me ? Please help me ...

The crystal reports viewer has built in toolbar which contains the buttons to navigate the report as explained here[^]
sokhengsiv 24-Mar-12 1:53am
I accept with your suggestion, and i also used to it, but my report will always ask to logon every time i click 'next or previous or first or last' button on viewer tool bar. that's why i have create my own button stead of use that. so could you tell more any suggestion ?
I had the same problem and i moved the report loading code in page_init

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