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i have one editable gridview ,i have use item templete and edit templete for declaring columns for 4 columns and boundfield for one column,my problem is wheever i am clicking edit button the bounded feild item also becomes editable(ie gets converted into textbox) is there any solution to avoid this? i want boundedfeild to remain uneditable
supermario ballotelli 26-Mar-12 2:55am    
i have tried other way,i took a column in sharepoint doc library as Date which has only date but after binding it with label its showing time also

One way that i know is
Use Item template field and in edit item template use Label to show your data,so it will be in read mode in editable mode.
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supermario ballotelli 26-Mar-12 2:53am    
ya,but the problem is that i am binding date columns which cointains date and time,when i m binding its showing both date and time in column,to avoid this i used bounded feild where i am showing just a date
while using an editable grid view avoid using boundfeild (even if you want to display value in formated way,ie in my case i wanted to eliminate time section from time and date) because when u click edit button OnRowEditing Event the bound feild also becomes editable to avoid this use templete feilds and bind the value to a label,formating can be done by setting text property as
Text=<%#string.Format("{0;d},Eval("Column Name"))%>>
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Use the following code will help you to sort out your problem.

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GridView Edit Update Using BoundField
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