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Dear All

I need regular expression for validating same in textbox

minLength: 8,
maxLength: 16,
upperCase: 0,
numbers: 1,
lower case:2 ,
specialChars:Ntt allowed
Updated 27-Mar-12 0:54am
Amir Mahfoozi 27-Mar-12 6:46am    
Are you sure that it can be implemented with regular expressions ?
ProEnggSoft 27-Mar-12 6:51am    
It can be implemented. Please see my solution (2)
ProEnggSoft 27-Mar-12 7:22am    
+5 for a thought provoking question.
ProEnggSoft 28-Mar-12 6:03am    
If your question is answered, you may consider to accept the solution.

The following regular expression meets the above requirement


It first searches for alpha numeric string of 8 to 16 characters length, then
it searches if there are atleast two numbers and then searches for atleast two small alphabet. Only then the search passes.

It can be tested online here[^]
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Dalek Dave 27-Mar-12 7:00am    
Yes I agree.

I just couldn't see what the OP wanted at first, his question was not as clear as it could have been.
ProEnggSoft 27-Mar-12 7:06am    
Thank you.
Amir Mahfoozi 27-Mar-12 7:18am    
+5 I tested it here : and it seems that it works well.
ProEnggSoft 27-Mar-12 7:20am    
Thank you.
Amir Mahfoozi 27-Mar-12 7:23am    
It was not my question :)

Should do it.

0 to 9 and a to z lower case, minimum length 8 max 16, no special characters added.
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mayur csharp G 27-Mar-12 6:14am    
Numbers exactly 1
lowercase exactly 2
Dalek Dave 27-Mar-12 6:27am    
Please explain how that works?
You need Exactly 1 number, ok easy.
You need Exactly 2 lowercase, again, simple.
You state No Uppercase at all, no problem
You require Zero special character, child's play.

You want it between 8 and 16 characters - er... what the hell are you putting in there?
You cannot have zero upper case, 1 number and 2 lower case with no special characters.

Perhaps you are not asking your question clearly enough.
mayur csharp G 27-Mar-12 6:33am    
sorry Dalke i got it

I need exactly

2 small case characters more than 2 allowed

2 digits more than 2 allowed
Dalek Dave 27-Mar-12 6:38am    
So MINIMUM of 2 lower case, MINIMUM of 2 Numbers?
mayur csharp G 27-Mar-12 6:40am    
yes dear

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