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I have a model class as below:

public class Location
  public int LocationId {get; set;}
  public int LocationName {get; set;}
public class Load
  public string LoadId {get; set;}
  public string LoadName {get; set;}
  public List<Location> Locations {get; set;}

What i'm trying to accomplish is :
1. I need to give an index view, strongly typed by Load class
2. On the client side, Client hits a button, and an $.Ajax() function gets some JSON response from somewhere
3. I need to put this response, as items which go into the model : Model.Locations (which is a list)

What i'm having issues with:
When Jquery gets a reponse, i want to put the response into Model data.
1. This data, put into model (Model.Locations) should be a multiple select list
2. I've tried
@Html.ListBox("Locations",ViewBag.LocationsList as MultiSelectList)
After even trying to send Json Response to server, and trying to put the data into model there.

Anyway, i know the above thing is probably bad idea.

What i need is, I get the JSON response from somewhere, i need to send it to the server, have the server do some work, and then insert into a selectable list.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? would be great help. Thanks.

Again, the only issue here is: putting Jquery (Ajax/JSON) response into model data, where in after populating data, the list is multiselect list, and then the whole form can be submitted for processing.
Updated 29-Mar-12 11:57am

1 solution


This may not be a efficient way to do it, thought to share it.

Try loading data in viewdata in the get part of index, like below

ViewData["CountryList"] = CountryList.ToSelectList();

and collect it back in the index page

<![CDATA[<% list = ViewData["CountryList"] as SelectList %>]]>

@Html.ListBox("Locations",list )


@Html.ListBox("Locations",ViewData["CountryList"] as SelectList)

Also, please find other solution here[^]
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