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I connected and executed query without throwing any exception. But I tried fetching rows to display the data in a table and an exception was thrown at my foreach.
Here is my code:

$con = odbc_connect("My DSN","","");
$result = odbc_exec($con,"My query");
  echo "<table align=center>";
    echo "<tr>";
    foreach($row as $r)
       echo "<td>$r</td>";
    echo "</tr>";
echo "</table>";

It said that I used a variable ($row) which couldn't be iterated with foreach.
I have used the above code with mysql, mssql and they worked fine but odbc gave me that error, please remember that I connected and queried successfully, it reported the error line at the foreach statement as I said, it was so strange, and I have tried with odbc_result to fetch only 1 cell, it didn't throw exception but the result was empty.
Could you please give me some reason elaborating on this?
Any of your help would be appreciated!
Updated 29-Mar-12 19:02pm

1 solution

odbc_fetch_row returns a bool, which of course can't be iterated.
From the description in the manual:
bool odbc_fetch_row ( resource $result_id [, int $row_number ] )

Fetches a row of the data that was returned by odbc_do() or odbc_exec(). After odbc_fetch_row() is called, the fields of that row can be accessed with odbc_result().
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supernorb 29-Mar-12 23:53pm    
Sorry, I have never tried refering how odbc_fetch_row is defined, looking at its name I guess it is the same to odbc_fetch_array, and in fact I coded using odbc_fetch_array, it returns an array, right? I'm sorry about my misunderstanding between those function, I'm editing my first post to change odbc_fetch_row to odbc_fetch_array, please review my problem.
Thank you for your help!
Peter_in_2780 30-Mar-12 0:28am    
Time for some debug statements. Put a line "var_dump($row)" right after the odbc_fetch_array line and see what it says. You can also look at odbc_errormsg() if something goes wrong.
supernorb 4-Apr-12 2:42am    
Thank you! I tried with var_dump, it said "bool(false)", even var_dump was placed in while loop, I can't understand why it couldn't be broken before var_dump was executed, (the condition values false). Do you have any idea?

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