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dear sir,
I have a array list. i need to create a report.How to pass array list value like as following

Actual array list:


I need to generate a report like this

Doc no: Amount
12DBT183843IYP 950.00
12DBT183843YP 1137.00

Please help me
V. 30-Mar-12 8:51am    
What have you tried? What technology are you using to create the report? (word, cognos, crystal reports, ...)
stanly jeba singh 30-Mar-12 8:59am    
I am using c# code behind Response.Write("<tr>");(HTML format)

The solution 1 works for ArrayList also. Since, the counter i is incremented inside the for loop, I have put a little check to ensure that the loop does not throw error when the arr.Length (for array list arr.Count) is odd.
//Better option is to use generic List<string>
//List<string> arr = new List<string>()
ArrayList arr = new ArrayList(){"12DBT183843IYP","950.00","12DBT183843YP","1137.00","Fifth"};
for(int i =0;i<arr.Count/2*2;i++)
    Response.Write(string.Format("<tr><td>{0}</td><td>{1}</td></tr>\n",arr[i++], arr[i]));
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Write code like this,

for(int i =0;i<arr.Length;i++)
 write("<tr><td>" + arr[i++] + "</td><td>" + arr[i] + "</td></tr>";
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ProEnggSoft 30-Mar-12 12:47pm    
Good. +5
fjdiewornncalwe 30-Mar-12 16:18pm    
Sorry, but this code won't work as it is written.
see this reference

Array List Values[^]
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