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Hi Good Morning!

I'm building an application that Read the XML from SQL table and then processes it and write in to text file

I Have two method ReadXML() which read XML file & returning Business Entity object.
second method WriteXML() which takes Business Entity object and write into text file.

Here's how I want it to operate:

In main thread I want to create two thread one is for ReadXML() which will read XML & return Business Entity object which I have to store in Queue & second thread for WriteXML() which will read object from queue & write into text file.

How can I implement such a scenario? Queue will be shared by two threads?
How that queuing will be done?

- Dattatrya Moin
Updated 2-Apr-12 19:14pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 2-Apr-12 23:36pm    
Well... of cause you can do it with threads, the questions are: why? is reading or writing of XML supposed to take so long time? and what is the problem?
Dattatrya Moin 11 3-Apr-12 0:17am    
Problem is How to share the queue between two threads? And What kind of care should I take. If you know best link to read about this please share..

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 3-Apr-12 1:32am    
lock {/*...*/}


1 solution

Let's assume you are using System.Collections.Generic.Queue<T>. Please see:[^].

Read the section "Thread Safety". It explains what exactly you should do. You must implement your own synchronization. Practically, simply wrap the operations you need with lock, for example:
internal class QueueWrapper<T> {
    internal void void Enqueue(T item) {
    internal T Dequeue() {
            return Implementation.Dequeue();
    System.Collections.Generic.Queue<T> Implementation =
        new System.Collections.Generic.Queue<T>();
    object SyncObject = new Object(); // always lock with a private object, see below

Don't do lock(this); it would work but allow outside lock with the QueueWrapper instance. So, hiding the synchronization object SyncObject inside wrapper is a good fool-proof technique: no one will be able to create excessive synchronization with such object and compromise parallelism.

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Prasad_Kulkarni 3-Apr-12 2:03am    
+5 good one.
Nice to see you sir,
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 3-Apr-12 2:09am    
Thank you very much, Pashad.
Prasad_Kulkarni 3-Apr-12 2:11am    

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