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I am using the SharpPcap library to sniff packets on a particular device. I have never really worked with raw sockets before and am a bit confused. I am capturing the packets fine, but now I want to decode the packet data into a string that is readable. Basically, what I want to achieve is reading the raw HTML requests that are being sent and received.

The data I receive is a byte[], and I have tried all of the basic byte[] to string methods with the .Net methods provided. If someone who has used SharpPcap achieved this, or does someone know how to do this?

Thanks in advance,


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I'm quoting from Packet.Net

"Packet.Net is a high performance .Net assembly for dissecting and constructing network packets such as ethernet, ip, tcp, udp etc.

Packet.Net started as a rewrite of the packet parser in SharpPcap with the goal of making a more consistent and better documented API.

Packet.Net now provides the packet parsing functionality for SharpPcap as of SharpPcap v3.0.0."[^]

Absolutly agree, SharpPcap's documentation is very less.

I think you're easily able to achieve it with api and reading tcp packages.

With Best Regards
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DominicZA 3-Apr-12 12:15pm    
Thank you, this looks good! I will look into it and mark as answered if it helps me achieve what I need :D

El_Codero 3-Apr-12 12:19pm    
Oh, I forgot the link. Solution improved. Thanks for marking it as answer in future ;).

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