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I have a file with some text. I want to do 2 tasks
1.append the file with mac_address at end of the text when i open it.
2.Replace first char in the string with Letter 'P'

while (readFile.ReadString(strLine))

CString s=strLine;
for(int temp=0;temp<18;temp++)

 s[m]=mac_address[temp];//here is the error

s[0]=_T('P');// here is the error

Updated 5-Apr-12 0:12am
chaiein 5-Apr-12 6:14am
I solved appending string to end of the file as in solution3. How to replace character at s[0] to 'p' where s is a CString

CString constructor should do the job, namely:
CString s(mac_address);

Beware if you are doing a UNICODE build then the constructor performs the necessary conversion of the provided chars into wide char ones.

if ( s.Left(1)==_T("L") )
  s = _T("P");
  for(int i = 1; i < 18; i++)
    s += mac_address[i];

chaiein 4-Apr-12 6:47am
I need s[1] to be mac_address[0] where s is string and mac_address is char I think this s(mac_address) wont copy as required
chaiein 4-Apr-12 6:48am
what sholud i include in s(mac_address)function.
CPallini 4-Apr-12 6:52am
Could you please elaborate a bit your needs? Why should you 'encode' the mac_address into a CString?
chaiein 4-Apr-12 7:10am
Please check my updated question.
chaiein 4-Apr-12 7:10am
I have updated the question please check.
chaiein 5-Apr-12 6:31am

error C3867: 'ATL::CStringT<BaseType,StringTraits>::Left': function call missing argument list; use '&ATL::CStringT<BaseType,StringTraits>::Left' to create a pointer to member
error C2109: subscript requires array or pointer type
CPallini 5-Apr-12 6:46am
Is s.Left(1)...
That is ROUND braces. Please check my code.
chaiein 5-Apr-12 7:54am
sorry i had written it works thank you :)
CPallini 5-Apr-12 8:11am
You are welcome.
Use CString::SetAt(), to change the value at any index.
//can be written as
if(m>=0 && m<s.getlength())>
chaiein 4-Apr-12 6:56am
no it does not work

Error 23 error C2039: 'getlength' : is not a member of 'ATL::CStringT<BaseType,StringTraits>'

Error 24 error C2106: '=' : left operand must be l-value

Error 25 error C2106: '=' : left operand must be l-value
chaiein 5-Apr-12 6:36am
I solved the problem of appending mac_address as in solution 3 .
How to replace a s[0] to 'p'
chaiein 5-Apr-12 7:58am
SetAt(0,'p'); works thank you so much:)

appends to the end of the text.

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