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I am building an audio player and recorder in C++. Can one audio device simultaneously play and record wave data??

Check this source: VC++ Example: Classes to Record, Play, and Save WAV File to disk[^]
"With these classes, sound can be both recorded and played at the same time. Continuous sound can be monitored and, upon appropriate queues, sound can be played back. Simple sound recognition could also, for instance, be put into CRecordSound. The multithreading allows other actions to take place while sound recording and playback go on. As well, recorded sound can be saved to WAV files and played back."
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stib_markc 5-Apr-12 8:33am    
thanks for the article.. will get back...
stib_markc 6-Apr-12 6:18am

this also helped me a lot thank you
Sergey Chepurin 6-Apr-12 6:43am    
You are welcome. By the way, if you have to upgrade this "VC++ Example" from VC7 to VC++2010, use option "File->New->Project from existing code...". Add #pragma comment(lib, "Winmm.lib ") and it compiles.
stib_markc 7-Apr-12 0:59am    
actually our company still using vc++6.0...
If you mean the hardware, then yes.
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stib_markc 5-Apr-12 8:32am    
can you please explain how is it possible or how does it work actually?
Code-o-mat 5-Apr-12 8:38am    
Not really, sorry, if you need such technical information, then you should ask the hardware manufacturers or ask on sound-hardware related forums.
stib_markc 5-Apr-12 8:42am    
Ok, Thanks anyways..

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