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How would you split a string into characters in an array, reverse the order of the characters then display the reversed characters in a string again.

Im happy on how to split the string up and to reverse the order of the characters, but how do i display the chars as a string again?

Thanks for the help guys.

string yourString = "blablabla";
char[] array = yourString.ToCharArray();
string yourStringReverse = array.ToString(); //[thanks for the note ProEnggSoft]
string yourStringReverse = String.Join("",array);
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sravani.v 5-Apr-12 6:45am    
My 5!
ProEnggSoft 5-Apr-12 7:09am    
Here array.ToString() gives System.Char[]. The constructor of string class can be used to obtain string from array of characters. Please see my solution (4).
ProEnggSoft 5-Apr-12 7:28am    
Now it's good answer. +5
nrgjack 5-Apr-12 7:43am    
heh thanks ^^ i have an override in my solution for the ToString() that's why it was working for me :p
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One of the overloads of the constructor of string class takes array of characters as a parameter. So, the string can be obtained from array of characters as below
string reversedString = new string("abcd".ToCharArray().Reverse().ToArray());
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