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Kindly help me with a query


jobid, employerid, jobtitle, description, skills, status


Applicationid, jobid, candidateid,Appliedon status

I want the result to be as below

Jobid, employerid, jobtitle, description, skills, status, Applicants

Applicants column would be total count from tbl_b group by jobid

Thanks in advance

kind regards
ZurdoDev 5-Apr-12 10:55am
So, do it in SQL instead of jQuery.
Ahamed Azeem 5-Apr-12 11:05am
yup I need it in sql using Join not in JQuery

What about this SQL statement...

SELECT a.jobid, employerid, jobtitle, description, skills, status, COUNT(b.jobid) FROM tbl-A a JOIN tbl_b b ON a.jobid = b.jobid GROUP BY a.jobid

I tried it on a different table and it seemed to work ok.

Changed the first one to a.jobid
Ahamed Azeem 5-Apr-12 11:15am
showing error Ambiguous column jobid
select b.jobid,count(b.jobid) as ApplicantsCount,a.* from

tbl_job a inner join tbl_applicants b

on a.jobid=b.jobid

where a.Employerid=@Employerid

group by a.jobid,b.jobid,a.EmployerId,a.CreatedUserId,a.jobtitle,a.categoryid,a.description,a.skills,a.contactperson,a.contactnumber,a.createddate,a.expiredon,a.status

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