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hi friends

i want to use textbox as password box in wpf. we have password box seperately but i need it in same textbox iteself. want to change the character as ex(*) in textbox itself please help me out.
Updated 9-Apr-12 21:34pm

The right solution is:

<passwordbox x:name="txtPassword" xmlns:x="#unknown">
Nivas Maran 10-Apr-12 2:25am
i am creating user control which accept textbox and password box in wpf you are giving solution in password box but i want to change character as * in textbox
Clifford Nelson 10-Apr-12 11:03am
I am not sure what your question is. You can easily change the PassworkChar, if that is the problem, by changing the attribute value from "*". If you want both a password box and a textbox, then would overlay the two, and set the visibility of one to hidden.
Nuzz604 13-Aug-14 15:51pm
Finally, a correct answer here. Don't understand why they downvoted it. Guess there are a lot of lousy coders on this site.
select text box,right click,select property ;in property window;in "text mode" option

select password.
Nivas Maran 10-Apr-12 1:42am
there is no textmode option in wpf textbox
Clifford Nelson 10-Apr-12 2:17am
There is no TextMode for a TextBox in WPF.
<asp:textbox id="pwdtxt" runat="server" textmode="Password" xmlns:asp="#unknown">
Nivas Maran 10-Apr-12 1:43am
i want textbox as password box in wpf
Clifford Nelson 10-Apr-12 2:17am
This is not right for WPF. Looks like ASP.NET
Arul R Ece 10-Apr-12 4:21am
Ya sorry friend....It is for .....

set textmode property as "Password".
Clifford Nelson 10-Apr-12 2:17am
There is no TextMode for a TextBox in WPF.

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