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For a study graphics editing C++ project, I was in need of a simple way of defining and addressing 2D arrays. I added a class that defines a 1D array of the size x*y, but can be addressed and works similary to a 2D array.

Point* operator[](int x)
        return & ARR[x * Y];

With the use of the operator method, I can easily access the points from outside. Now my problem is, how do I use the operator from inside the class.

For example I want to create a class that calculates the avarage RGB value of all points, but how can I use the operator within the class, it was defined in?

i guess this (*this)[] will do ..?
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Y0UR 10-Apr-12 4:53am    
Thanks, worked. Didn't know I could use the pointer of "this"
You may also use the function notation, e.g.
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