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Hi,im looking on the net for ways to code a application in c# that allows me to send the contents of a spool file into a csv file,can anyone help?,the other posts do not relate to what i need

thank you
Updated 11-Apr-12 23:28pm
TRK3 12-Apr-12 15:23pm    
The term "spool file" doesn't mean anything useful in this context.

A spool file is just a file that acts as a buffer between the output of one device or piece of software and another device or piece of software.

The format of the spool file is whatever format the output/input of the two things requires.

What is it that is being spooled? What is the format of that data?

What problem are you running into?
Vtec16 13-Apr-12 9:09am    
hi,it is the first time im working with this so i have no clue what to do.the spool file contains info on statements,i used tail to view the spool file,not sure of the format
TRK3 13-Apr-12 17:01pm    
Update your question with a sample line or two from the "spool" file and what you'd like that data to look like in the ".csv" file.

As far as doing it in C# -- you'll probably use Console.ReadLine() to read in a line from the standard input, reformat that line in some way, and write it out to the standard ouput via Console.WriteLine(). Do that in a console based application, and you'll have something that works like tail.
Vtec16 16-Apr-12 4:05am    
Hi,thanks for your help :),is it possible that i could email you or gtalk you?
TRK3 16-Apr-12 12:37pm    
Looks like we are in very different time zones. I'd rather just keep the discussion here on CodeProject -- that way the solution is openly available to anyone else who has a similar question in the future.

Can you just update your question with the data I asked for, and then describe what you've tried so far and what specifically you don't understand how to do?

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