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Dear All,

I'm working on a cardiology module and I need to simulate incoming signals from electrodes used to perform the ECG test. the idea is to just simulate and generate data coming from the electrodes and plot it in a graph in real time. is there a way to do that?

Me, I'd hook up a recording scope to genuine probes and record actual info. Then feed that back into my software.
If you truly simulate it, then it may or may not be realistic.
Mabchour 1989 12-Apr-12 20:23pm
it's doesn't matter for now, the hardware part is for later, for now i just need something to generate data.
Bernhard Hiller 13-Apr-12 2:53am
The poor patients!
You might find some formula for generating "ideal" data, but how will you cope with the real world irregularities? Even with healthy people, the heart beat rate is not constant by the millisecond.
OriginalGriff 13-Apr-12 3:31am
Precisely why I'd record the real stuff!
Mabchour 1989 13-Apr-12 5:57am
For the time being i just need random data, the hardware is for later guys! the data is to just check that the graph will be generated successfully, then after that i'll do the hardware stuff. it's just temporary.
OriginalGriff 13-Apr-12 6:19am
If you just want random data, just use the Random class. I'd start with good data though - otherwise how do you know if your graph is working?
Mabchour 1989 13-Apr-12 6:44am
I know i could use that, but i need a random number generator that will generate realistic numbers related to the ECG test.
OriginalGriff 13-Apr-12 6:55am
There is no such thing. You would have to produce them - which mean you need to look at what "genuine" data would look like! :laugh:
can yoy help me?
how to input data to ECG in C#.NET ?
I want generate ECG signal in

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