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Hi ,

I want a 5 digit unique numeric number generator in ,
Can anybody help me, please
Updated 13-Apr-12 3:04am
VJ Reddy 14-Apr-12 6:46am
The Random.Next method can be used for this purpose. Please see Solution 4.

As for as I know, globally unique numbers cannot be generated using 5 digit numbers.
So, a list of numbers already generated is required, to check for the uniqueness of number generated. The Next(Min, Max) method of Random class explained here
Random.Next Method (Int32, Int32)[^]
can be used to generate a random number which is equal to or more than Min and less than Max.
The following code can be used to generate a unique 5 digit number
Sub Main
    Dim random As New Random(1)
    Dim uniqueNumbers As New List(Of Integer)()
    Dim randomNumber As Integer
    For i As Integer = 0 To 10000
        randomNumber = random.Next(10000, 100000)
        If uniqueNumbers.Contains(randomNumber) Then
        End If
End Sub

The above code snippet can be tested in LINQPad which can be downloaded from here[^]
Start here[^] and then let us know if you run into a specific issue. We'll be glad to help.
raki1111 13-Apr-12 9:46am
i know it dude
Perhaps the articles here[^] could be of help.

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