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i have a question regard to the FixedDocumentSequence object.
I am displaying the sequence in a documentviewer that works fine.
My problem is when i set the sequence to null (FixedSequence = null;)
the framework does not free the allocated memory. How can I dispose
this object, or how can i free my memory?

Thanks in advance,
ZurdoDev 13-Apr-12 14:37pm
How can you tell it has not freed the memory? Remember, .Net uses a garbage collector and when there are no more pointers to an object it will decide when to release the memory.

1 solution

In addition to ryanb31 comment, you should only control garbage collector manually in really specified cases (where you set your application in a different state, i.e doing image processing of large file).

You'll need to collect collected items from garbage collector which is another overhead and has to be avoided for normal cases.

Control the GC:[^]


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