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I have two fields in a form

1)sort text:_____________ this is multiline textbox
2)character position_________ this is normal textbox

user can input a set of comma separated phrases in the first field.
validation should be performed as per below rules:
a)There can be no repetition of error message is to be shown if one or more phrases are repeated.
b)c. Leading and trailing blanks will not be considered as part of the phrase.

3.Display the sorted phrases in a tabular form on a page. You can assume any column headings.
how can I bind the above sorted data into gridview control......
pls Please help me........its urgent
Updated 14-Apr-12 23:35pm

Nobody cares if it's urgent. You're not paying for support and we're all volunteers here. We answer questions on OUR time, not yours.

Also, nobody is going to do your homework for you either. You'll have to ask a more specific question on exactly what you're having a problem with.
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VJ Reddy 15-Apr-12 0:16am    
Good advice. 5!
Maheshdotnet2010 15-Apr-12 0:32am    
what sir........i think your getting emotional........i am expecting solution for my problem not your lecture boss......dont get angry.....just cool...........
phil.o 15-Apr-12 4:25am    
We are expecting you to read and follow the guidelines of this site before posting a question. It is not becoming angry, it is saying again and again that we are not here to do homework for others.
Show us what you have done so far, what you get and what you expected, and we could obviously help. Just dump you requirements as you did if you want answers like Dave's one.
Shahin Khorshidnia 15-Apr-12 6:07am    
Hi Maheshdotnet2010,

I think the main reason is that, we "are" going to help other "programmers" (just quidance)
I consider there is difference between guidance and placing an order.
You've placed an order for a program to us instead of asking a technical question about the program that you where coding.

To tell the truth, I'm not all that optimistic about finding this kind of answers here because, 1.Nobody wants to do your homework (it's your job) 2.If someone heppens to do, the others downvote the answer.
[no name] 15-Apr-12 6:42am    
The solution to your problem is:
Pay attention in class and take notes, read the book.
Start doing your homework earlier so you feel like you have to come here and ask someone to do it for you.
Hi, Watch This should help
ASP.NET Validators Unclouded[^]
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