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Hi All,

Can anyone please let me know how can I have a modal window at my every server call in mvc 3.0

I know I need to use jquery modal window, I am able to use when I need to load a partial view, but not able to use the same, when a complete new needs to be rendered.

Please help!!!

Thanks in advance

1 solution

//Javascript code
function showMessageDetails() {
        url: '/Position/SelectedOption/',
        type: 'POST',
        data: { id: inputTextValue},
        success: function (result) {

            $.post("/Position/SelectedOption/" + inputTextValue, function (data) {
                        $('<div>' + data + '</div>').load(this.href).dialog({ show: { effect: "FadeIn", duration: 600} }, { modal: true });
        error: function () {
            //some code if failed

//Control code
public ActionResult SelectedOption(string id)
    ModelClass ModelObject = new ModelClass();
    return View("this.pagetoredirect", ModelObject);

inputTextValue = Pass your input value here
this.pagetoredirect = Give your View page name here

From the above code you can view the View page as Modal View.
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ankurtrue1 17-Apr-12 8:04am    
Hi Dhanamanikandan,

But will this help, in posting all my data which would needs to be transferred from my current page to next page?

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