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Could somebody help me please, I'm not understanding the repository pattern very well!

I have a model whereby I have a Person entity with a one-to-one link with a PersonProfile Entity.

So I have my two entities:
public class person
    public int PersonId {get;set;}
    public string Name {get;set;}
    public int PersonProfileId {get;set;}
    public virtual PersonProfile PersonProfile {get;set;}

public class PersonProfile
    public int PersonProfileId {get;set;}

I have a repository for Person and a service for creating the person.
Now I need to make sure that whenever a Person is create a Personprofile is also created and linked (with blank data in it). The idea being prevent me having to check further down the line that the records exist before I try to update or display them.

But how would be best to do it? Create a personprofile repository and send through a reference when I call the create person service? Do it from my controller page and make sure it's all hooked up before I pass the object to the person create service?


personprofile profile = new person profile();

person person = new person();
person.personprofile = profile;

Or is there a better way I'm not just not understandng?

Thanks in advance.
S@53K^S 16-Apr-12 14:33pm
Repository pattern is used to save all the actions related to a particular class here person for example.So if you are actually trying to say Person.CreatePerson(),it means you are not creating a new person,but you are telling the system that a new person profile has come in.So i guess the PersonProfile is not different from person.

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