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I am getting the following error.. How to rectify this error?

error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "int __cdecl ScrambledActName(char *)" (?ScrambledActName@@YAHPAD@Z)

1 solution

The linker can't find a function compiled with a C++ compiler with the protype:

int ScrambledActName(char *);

anywhere in your code, or the libraries you're linking with.

Of the top of my head there are several reasons this might go wrong...

- You didn't implement the function - go and write it!

- Someone else supplied you a library but didn't give you all the dependencies it needed to work

- Someone wrote the function but compiled it with a C compiler, not a C++ one. The way around this one is to find where the function is prototyped in your code and preface it with extern "C" to tell the compiler it's a function compiled with a C compiler:

extern "C" int ScrambledActName( char * );

- The function was prototyped incorrectly somewhere. The original programmer might have prototyped it with a const parameter for example.

Without knowing any more it's a bit hard to comment any further.


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Gokulnath007 17-Apr-12 7:55am    
I have added the code with extern C, i am getting the following error:
unresolved external symbol _ScrambledActName

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