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Hey all,
I have local IIS on my computer and I have a website project that uses external class library.
On my local IIS, I add reference in the visual studio to the .dll file and it's works perfect.
The problem begin in the host website. I add the .dll to the root folder in the ftp (where all the website's files are located, I have no bin folder), but when I tried to add reference to the website it gave we an error that it can't be added to the website.
There is another way to do a reference?
Thank ahead!

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I try to browse it from my local machine to the server because when I try to add reference and to browse to the .dll file I can browse only from my local machine, so this is the error that I get:
Collapse | Copy CodeA reference to 'C:\Program Files\GemBox Software\GemBox.Spreadsheet Free 3.5\Bin\NET40\GemBox.Spreadsheet.dll' could not be added.
unable to add 'C:\Users\Ori\AppData\Local\Temp\iigj2lfq.hpb\Web.config' to the Web site. Web.config: Access is denied (550).
Updated 19-Apr-12 4:45am
Lakamraju Raghuram 19-Apr-12 10:30am
can you give the exact error you are getting

Do you control this FTP location? If so, then create a bin folder and add the assembly as required. Otherwise, the assembly needs to be in the GAC but if this is a hosting provider they will must likely not add it.
Yes, I control this ftp location.
But I have'nt bin folder in the FTP. I should create it where all the website's files are located? And then just copy the .dll file to the bin folder and it should work?
OK I solved it!
I just created the bin folder, copy the .dll file to the bin folder and add this to the web.config file:
<compilation targetframework="4.0" defaultlanguage="C#">
        <add assembly="GemBox.Spreadsheet, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=B1B72C69714D4847" />

Thank you all :)

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