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I must be blind Or is it Spam protection? I would like to send a message or email to a CodeProject member but cannot figure out how. Please help.

I wrote an article while the article submission writing were still in Beta (still is I think). Then people could vote on the article when it was pending. Now when the article is approved the initial comments are not there to see anymore

If I go to the specific person I can see he posted comments to me when the article was pending. I would like to reply to one of these messages but if I click to open this comment then I get to the "approved" article,. where all "pending-article" comments are removed.

So. How can I send a message to this person?

By default, all people receive e-mail notifications on all post related to an every post previously done by this person. So, if you comment someone's comment, question, answer, or comment it indirectly (comment a comment to comment related to some post), the original author will receive e-mail notification.

Comments 19-Apr-12 18:28pm
Thank you,.. I know. Unfortunately then I must do that from another article. Which is fine if I really, really need to. Its just a little weird to contact from another articles posting and refer back to a comment in another article.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 19-Apr-12 20:29pm
It happens and basically OK. Sometimes we lead off-topic discussions in comments -- they are not articles, not questions or answers...
Nelek 19-Apr-12 18:55pm
There is a possibility to do that, I explained it, but after sending I deleted the "hot" content, so I can not refer you to my solution :P
VJ Reddy 19-Apr-12 20:09pm
Good answer. 5!
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 19-Apr-12 20:27pm
Thank you, VJ.
[edit] part of the content deleted to avoid non-desirable side-effects [/edit]

If not... then just, add a reply to one of his posts as "OFFTOPIC" and tell him you want to contact him for whatever you need

you should have received the original solution I gave in your e-mail. If you don't, it means that you don't have activated the option "Send me an e-mail if someone replies to the message" in your "forum settings". I just didn't want to leave the solution I gave you open to the full public to avoid the possiblity of respectable users having problems because of that.
Comments 19-Apr-12 18:42pm
Ha ha ... exactly what I was doing when you sent this. Yes. I think that is the best solution. Too bad it is not possible to send message directly ,.. but from a spam perspective I guess I can understand it.
Nelek 19-Apr-12 18:48pm
I deleted the part of the answer where I described the method, just to avoid the same ;)
Nelek 19-Apr-12 18:50pm
If you did what I proposed you it is a private way, so you can explain him/her and give your contact data, he/she will then decide if it answers you back from private email address or not. 19-Apr-12 18:51pm
Thank you Nelek. I will do just that.
Nelek 19-Apr-12 18:53pm
You are welcome :)

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