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how to create a wince dll & call the same dll from another winCE based exe developed using mfc(win CE based).Please tell me if any examples are there.

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I expect, that you have developed DLLs in Win32 and/or MFC on "normal" PC-Windows. So it's pretty the same thing as in Win32 on "normal" Windows on PC.

Take a look here[^]

or here on CP
Regular DLL Tutor For Beginners[^]
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kirannaik 20-Apr-12 5:29am    
thanks for reply.
I have developed DLL in MFC on SMART DEVICE platform & I want to call this dll by other exe which is also developed in MFC on SMART DEVICE platform.
please help me.
Andy411 20-Apr-12 5:55am    
Where is the problem? Include the Headerfile with the exported classes/function from the DLL into your exe's source file where you want to call the DLL-function and classes. Then you should be able to compile the code. To link all together, just import the DLLs-lib-File into your exeproject.
And maybe read the tutorial linked above and try a bit googling for detailed examples.
kirannaik 20-Apr-12 7:24am    
thanks again.
my problem when i try to load the DLL dynmamically, using function "loadLibrary". This funtion return NULL. & i could not call the DLL function.Please Help me. It will be great if u provide examples of both(fpor exe & for DLL).
thanks in advance.
Andy411 20-Apr-12 8:43am    
Please read the 2nd link I've posted in the solution.
If LoadLibrary fails it might be a problem with the correct path to Your DLL.
What does GetLastError tell you, when called after LoadLibrary. That might be a hint.
kirannaik 21-Apr-12 2:13am    
Thanks for reply.
I tried everything but function " LoadLibrary" returns NULL & function "GetLastError" returns val 126 which mean "THE SPECIFIED MODULE COULD NOT BE FOUND".can u provide me examples for smart device based DLL & EXE( both for winCE).
Thanks in advance.

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