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Hi i need to create a pdf file and download it to my computer. So for that i am modified the tcpdf class and i clicked on generate pdf button. it is creating the pdf but it is not downloading the pdf. It is giving the Output in new tab like
"'L', 65549=>'L', 65550=>'L', 65551=>'L', 65552=>'L', 65553=>'L', 65554=>'L', 65555=>'L', 65556=>'L', 65557=>'L', 65558=>'L', 65559=>'L', 65560=>'L', 65561=>'L', 65562=>'L', 65563=>'L', 65564=>'L', 65565=>'L', 65566=>'L', 65567=>'L', 65568=>'L', 65569=>'L', 65570=>'L', 65571=>'L', 65572=>'L', 65573=>'L', 65574=>'L', 65576=>'L', 65577=>'L', 65578=>'L', 65579=>'L', 65580=>'L', 65581=>'L', 65582=>'L', 65583=>'L', 65584=>'L', 65585=>'L', 65586=>'L', 65587=>'L', 65588=>'L', 65589=>'L', 65590=>'L', 65591=>'L', 65592=>'L', 65593=>'L', 65594=>'L', 65596=>'L', 65597=>'L', 65599=>'L', 65600=>'L', 65601=>'L', 65602=>'L', 65603=>'L', 65604=>'L', 65605=>'L', 65606=>'L', 65607=>'L', 65608=>'L', 65609=>'L', 65610=>'L', 65611=>'L', 65612=>'L', 65613=>'L', 65616=>'L', 65617=>'L', 65618=>'L', 65619=>'L', 65620=>'L', 65621=>'L', 65622=>'L', 65623=>'L', 65624=>'L', 65625=>'L', 65626=>'L', 65627=>'L', 65628=>'L', 65629=>'L', 65664=>'L', 65665=>'L', 65666=>'L', 65667=>'L', 65668=>'L', 65669=>'L', 65670=>'L', 65671=>'L', 65672=>'L', 65673=>'L', 65674=>'L', 65675=>'L', 65676=>'L', 65677=>'L', 65678=>'L', 65679=>'L', 65680=>'L', 65681=>'L', 65682=>'L', 65683=>'L', 65684=>'L', 65685=>'L', 65686=>'L', 65687=>'L', 65688=>'L', 65689=>'L', 65690=>'L', 65691=>'L', 65692=>'L', 65693=>'L', 65694=>'L', 65695=>'L', 65696=>'L', 65697=>'L', 65698=>'L', 65699=>'L', 65700=>'L', 65701=>'L', 65702=>'L', 65703=>'L', 65704=>'L', 65705=>'L', 65706=>'L', 65707=>'L', 65708=>'L', 65709=>'L', 65710=>'L', 65711=>'L', 65712=>'L', 65713=>'L', 65714=>'L', 65715=>'L', 65716=>'L', 65717=>'L',"

What will i do .. Please tell me..

1 solution

please read about php header.
this is the code i use to download file
header("Pragma: public"); // required
	header("Expires: 0");
	header("Cache-Control: must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0");
	header("Cache-Control: private",false); // required for certain browsers
	header("Content-Type: $ctype"); //$ctype="application/force-download";
	header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=".$base.";" );//$base="x.pdf"
	header("Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary");
	header("Content-Length: ".@filesize($filename));
	unlink($rfilename);//delete after download

and remember if you echo or send any other data your pdf file will be corrupted

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