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my question is that if i had build a c# code file then how can i use that same c# code in flex to do the same..
Savalia Manoj M 24-Apr-12 7:11am
Please explain brief what you wan't??
sam9918 24-Apr-12 7:35am
i have made a windows application in c#(visual studio) now i want the same code to be used in Flex application..
now how can i do this or integrate the code file in flex??

sam9918 24-Apr-12 8:41am
not helpfull
[no name] 24-Apr-12 9:24am
How is pointing you to the answer to your question not helpful?
sam9918 25-Apr-12 0:51am
bcoz what you said i have already tried..
and it was of no use to me..
Flex, the framework for compiling Flash movies, uses a different language (ActionScript). You can't directly code share between .Net and Flex. Depending on what exactly you're writing, you may be able to write code that can be automatically translated from a subset of one language to the other, or from a third language (e.g. HaXe or something you construct yourself) into either one.
sam9918 24-Apr-12 8:40am
actually i made a windows application in c# and now i want that in flex is that possible??
BobJanova 24-Apr-12 13:07pm
In short, no.
sam9918 25-Apr-12 0:52am
well if this is not possible then is their any other way to intergate flex in visual studio?? or C# and Flex??

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