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i have been given a task to implement Brute force attack on DES algorithms using
Parallel cluster system, for which i need a simple des encrypter and decrypter code.
I have seen the des.h and des.cpp in Crypto++ but it is of no use because i am not very much familiar with header files and classes.

Can someone please help me how to do it using would be so nice of you.Bundle of thanks in advance.

PS:i know des is obsolete.The objective of my project is get familiar with parallel cluster system.

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If you're not familiar with classes and header files you're going to have fun implementing anything in C++. If I were you I'd wrap my head around includes and abstract data types and then use libcrypto which is part of the OpenSSL[^] distribution. It's a C library rather than a C++ one but it's got some very efficient implementations of most of the common cyphers in it.

It might also be a good idea to use a programming language you're comfortable with. C and C++ can be very unforgiving for self taught neophytes.


Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 25-Apr-12 15:27pm
Good points, my 5.

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