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How to create table dynamically in codebehind and table data come from database. and How to give colspan and rowspan for that table(if one column data is same in 2 rows then i want merge)

Updated 12-May-20 21:41pm

Hi Friend...

Please look into the below codes.
Table tb = new Table();

tb.BorderWidth = Unit.Pixel(5);

for (int i = 1; i <= Convert.ToInt32(TextBox1.Text ); i++)


TableRow tr = new TableRow();

for (int j = 1; j <= 3; j++)


TableCell td = new TableCell();

TextBox c_text = new TextBox();

c_text.Visible = true;

c_text.Text = "R"+i.ToString()+j.ToString();

c_text.ID = "R" + i.ToString() + j.ToString();







It may be help for u ...
Member 10738738 27-Oct-14 3:29am
foreach (DataRow row in table.Rows)

Response.Write("<p>" + row["lastname"] + "" + row["fathername"] + "---" + row["monthername"] + "----" + row["sex"] + "---" + row["dist"] + "--" + row["taluka"] + "----" + row["gram"] + "-----" + row["dob"] + "---" + row["bpalace"] + "----" + row["mobno"] + "---" + row["photo"] + "---" + row["id"] + "</p1>");
my problem:- i execute above statement but it displaying outside content place holder
i want this sol:-i want to display row in table format and it should display within content place holder
If you are talking about creating a HTML table, then you would use the HtmlTextWriter class to write out HTML. A better bet, though, would be to use a standard DataGrid which allows you to write out the content as table format, just by binding to it, and saves you a lot of work.

Here I'm posting some sample code for that check it once

 string tablestring="";
//dt is datatable object which holds DB results.
 tablestring=tablestring+"<table width="100%"><tr><td>First Column Heading</td><td>Second column Heading</td><td>Third column Heading</td></tr>";
 foreach(datarow dr in dt.rows)


I hope you understood what I did.

All the Best
sampath1750 26-Apr-12 7:19am
Thanks Muralikrishna i have one more problenm.
How to give colspan and rowspan for that table(if one column data is same in 2 rows then i will merge)
Muralikrishna8811 26-Apr-12 7:24am
same as how you set in html
tablestring=tablestring+"<tr><td>"+dr[0].tostring()+"</td><td>"+dr[1].tostring()+"</td><td colspan='2'>"+dr[2].tostring()+"</td></tr>";
Muralikrishna8811 26-Apr-12 7:37am
To set rowspan you need to do something like
in select query "select B1.title,,B1.prize,(select count(*) from Books as B2 where B2.title=B1.title) as rspn from Books as B1 group by B1.title

by using that query we can get data with count of title in rspn

string pretitle="";
foreach(datarow dr in dt.rows)
tablestring=tablestring+"<tr><td rowspan='"+dr["rspn"].tostring()+"'>"+dr["title"].tostring()+"</td><td>"+dr["author"].tostring()+"</td><td>"+dr["price"].tostring()+"</td></tr>";
else if(pretitle==dr["title"].tostring())
tablestring=tablestring+"<tr><td rowspan='"+dr["rspn"].tostring()+"'>"+dr["title"].tostring()+"</td><td>"+dr["author"].tostring()+"</td><td>"+dr["price"].tostring()+"</td></tr>";

you can set like this

this is just idea only you can modify it to achieve your requirement

All the Best
sampath1750 26-Apr-12 7:50am
Thanks Murali
Muralikrishna8811 26-Apr-12 7:52am
very welcome

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