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I'm a student of BS(CS) HONORS in 8th(Last) Semester.
It is the time to choose my final year project, which is really an important part of this degree, but I'm really confused.

I've two options:

1. Either to make a web-based application like 'Joomla / WordPress' in ASP.NET and C# in Windows platform.

2. Or to put university radio's online streaming on the website of my university, using PHP in Linux platform.

What is your opinion??? Which language and platform is better to choose, which will help me in professional life and provide me better job opportunities???

Also suggest that, are these projects capable enough for Final Year Project of 4 years professional degree???
Updated 26-Apr-12 2:00am

Only you can answer this question. We don't know you. We don't know what you're interested in. We don't know which direction you want to take your career.

I will say that both options are large enough to be a final year project, and that they are both suitable technologies for converting into a career. Beyond that, it really depends what your experience is, which languages and technologies you are already familiar with.
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HassanMirza 26-Apr-12 8:21am    
I'm familiar a little with both technologies. But, feeling a little bit hesitate in choosing PHP, bcoz I listened that, 'as it is open source', it doesn't worth much." and there are very low paid jobs for this field.
Pete O'Hanlon 26-Apr-12 9:06am    
So you've pretty much answered your own question for yourself then.

Both (PHP and ASP.NET) are good.
Just go with the language or Platform in which you have more interest and in which you are more technically sound.
Also, please take care that your final year project can decide that in which line (Platform) you will go..

Best of luck!!
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HassanMirza 26-Apr-12 8:12am    
Thnx Vipin_Arora,
Plz tell me, in your opinion, " Putting Radio Online" can worth to be a final year project for 4 years degree???
Vipin_Arora 26-Apr-12 12:03pm    
Well..I dont have much knowledge of PHP

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