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I am using a masked text box in winforms (.net 3.5,C#) to show time in which user enters the time in the format 23:59.

It is working fine excpet when the user enter something like 1:12, or 14:8 it will change to 01:12 and 14:08 which is as required, however after a second it again changes to 1:12 and 14:8. It truncates the leading zeros.

I tried a lot and got a solution to set the custom format in the advanced section of the text box data binding. the text box in not bind so I cannot set this option.

The mask I am using is H:mm.

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciable.


Updated 26-Apr-12 18:28pm

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You have to validate format of time entered in the MaskedTextBox:[^]
Sakshi Smriti 27-Apr-12 1:23am
This is not related to validation, it is the display of time e.g. if user enters valid time 14:1 then it is changed to 14:01 which is perfect, however after a while it changes to 14:1. It should ideally remain as 14:01
Deepak_Sharma_ 27-Apr-12 1:32am
Have you set Mask property of the MaskedTextBox?
Sakshi Smriti 27-Apr-12 3:21am
Yes it is set to H:mm.

The only issue is that it trunctaes leading zero in hours and minutes

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