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I need a way to split a char * over the symbol "->"

Example : abc->efg

has to be split to "abc" and "efg"

tried using strtok but the problem is that it considers "->" to be two different symbols and cause problems in cases like :

ideally the split should result in two strings "abc-efg" and "hyj"
strtok gives three "abc" "efg" and "hyj"

Any suggestions
satrio_budidharmawan 30-Apr-12 23:41pm    
Hei, the result of this : abc-efg->hyj
should be : "abc" "efg" ">hyj"
Not abc" "efg" and "hyj"

1 solution

That is because strtok matches any of the characters as delimiters, rather than all of them:[^]

Have a look at strstr instead:[^] - you will have to call it repeatedly, but it will do what you want.
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