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I am using quicksort to sort my data in a listbox:
ArrayList arr=new ArrayList();
But if I want to use bubble sort, what should i do?

Updated 30-Apr-12 5:29am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 30-Apr-12 12:43pm
Why do you want it? The only reason I can see is homework, but you want to do it by yourself.

Well, for a start, you should really ditch ArrayList. If you aren't using .NET 1/1.1, a strongly typed list is generally a better proposition. Now, if you want to use a Bubble sort, you are going to have to write one - there's not one built into the BCL.

But, are you really sure you want to Bubble sort? Bubble sorting isn't the most efficient way to sort.
[no name] 30-Apr-12 11:31am
*cough* homework
Pete O'Hanlon 30-Apr-12 11:37am
*discreet cough* that's what I figured. You may notice there's no code in there - just advice:)
h7h7h7 30-Apr-12 11:33am
dear Pete, no I won't use, I just want to compare bubble sort with quick sort and other sort.
thnx man :)
h7h7h7 30-Apr-12 11:34am
thnx man I found it in google, but there no examples hot to use bubble sort in windows form when data are in a listbox ??
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 30-Apr-12 12:45pm
What is "bubble sort in windows form"? Ever heard of separation of concerns. Don't through everything in one pile...

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