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Hi everyone,

I am working on one task which need to transfer data from text file to destination after applying some business logic.

Below is my text file data

employee_id salary
10 1000
20 2000
30 3000
40 5000

I need to add one more column to it called as "pre_row_salary" which will be salary of employee in above index as per above table.
Look below table for more information.First row contain NULL in "pre_row_salary" column because there is no-one above it.Second row contain 1000 in "pre_row_salary" which is salary of employee 10. Third row contain 2000 in "pre_row_salary" which is salary of employee 20(Upper rank).

employee_id salary pre_row_salary
10 1000 Null
20 2000 1000
30 3000 2000
40 5000 3000

Let me know how can I process this text file data with this business logic to the destination.
Updated 9-May-12 1:07am
Sandeep Mewara 3-May-12 5:00am
This is not a well framed question! We cannot work out what you are trying to do/ask from the post. Please elaborate and be specific.
Use the "Improve question" link to edit your question and provide better information.

You can use Script Component, add a new output column named pre_row_salary.
Then edit script to loop all record, set pre_row_salary in method ProcessInputRow.

Hope this will help you.
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