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iam searching item table & i use like statment
declare @x nvarchar(1000)
select @x='ddd'

select * from item where lower(itemname) like lower(@x)+'%'
it work fien no problem
but if the item name contain [ it doesn't appear in the search
eban when i wrote this is statement no result
select * from item where itemname like '%[%'

so can any body help me
Updated 6-May-12 0:30am
Maciej Los 6-May-12 6:30am    
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OriginalGriff 6-May-12 6:48am    
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1 solution

It's because LIKE is a simple Regex processor, and '[' introduces a sequence of characters:
...LIKE 'x[abc]x' would match any of 'xax', 'xbx' or 'xcx' but would not match 'xdx'

See here:[^]

I don't know how you get round it though...

Oh yes I do:
SELECT * FROM item WHERE itemname LIKE '%[[]%'

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Maciej Los 6-May-12 6:53am    
Mohamed Mitwalli 6-May-12 7:55am    

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