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How to draw line ( slanting line ) vertically ???

For Ex :
Consider X1 = 100, Y1 = 80; And X2=100, Y2 = 185;

So This is for Straight LINE

for(nRow = Y1; nRow < Y2; nRow++)
  for(nCol = X1; nCol < X2; nCol++)
     nPixPos = nRow*nEffectiveWidth+nCol*3; 

     Image[nPixPos] = 0 ;
     Image[nPixPos+1] = 0 ;
     Image[nPixPos+2] = 0 ;

If i want to draw Line for EX :X1 = 100 , Y1 = 80 and X2 = 115 , Y2 = 185

HOW TO DRAW Slanting Line for the above CO-ORDINATES - how to use for loop then ???

1 solution

Oh boy! I haven't implemented one of those in what...twenty years?

There are a lot of ways to do it: some simple, and some much, much better. Wiki has a list:[^] - pick one you like and off you go!

(But don't expect them to look as good as the standard Windows line drawing functions unless you put in a lot of work. Look up antialiasing while you are at it.)
JackDingler 10-May-12 15:38pm
We don't do much in the way of primitives work anymore. The current graphics cards and APIs handle that very well.

It is a fascinating area to work in though.

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