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I'm using Range validator, Required field validator & others and getting the error messages accordingly. When I'm trying to put them all in a validation summary it does work but the errors are are also being shown on the validator places, I mean they get repeated. Please how can I show errors only in Validation Summary mitigating all the separate error messages from different validators ?


Simple ! Set Display="None" in the Validator tag as:
<p> Name :
<asp:TextBox ID="txtName" runat="server" />&nbsp;
<asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID="RequiredFieldValidator1" runat="server" ErrorMessage="you still no add the name !"  Display="None" ControlToValidate="txtName"></asp:RequiredFieldValidator>

and Validation summary as:
<asp:ValidationSummary ID="ValidationSummary1" runat="server" HeaderText="the all error that meet to is : "></asp:ValidationSummary>
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Sunny_Kumar_ 10-May-12 3:40am    
Thanks a lot...that just did what I wanted. :)
member60 10-May-12 3:43am    
you are wel come !
Display="None" is the trick.
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AnvilRanger 30-Jul-15 15:29pm    
Your answer brings nothing new to a questions that is over 3 years old. You are just repeating the information in Solution 2 that has been marked as the answer.

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