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I am currently working on some admin web pages.I have one admin_view_applicationform.aspx page in which there z a gridview displayng the credentials f applicants.There is a Download column in gridview.I need to download the table f details regarding the selected applicant as pdf or doc file...
Plz help me ..
i need it urgently...
Updated 21-Mar-17 23:59pm
hitech_s 12-May-12 4:27am
you mean you are displaying applicants details in one row of gridview, after clicking on download link you need the row data to be downloaded to word . is it right ?
Member 8650683 12-May-12 4:36am
yes, I am displayng applicant's detail in one row f gridview..but the gridview row contains only the important information regardng d applcnt(applcnt id,name,address,downloadlink are the gridview columns).so i need to download the applicant's details in a table from the admin_view_appform_details.aspx page.

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Member 8650683 12-May-12 3:40am
Thanks for your reply Sandeep.But i don't want to export grid view data.i need to export a table f data in an aspx page to a pdf...the gridview contains only the hyperlink for download..
Sandeep Mewara 12-May-12 5:33am
Gridview ultimately will be rendered as a table. Do a ViewSource of the page and see.
Member 8650683 12-May-12 5:42am
not like that Sandeep...grid view z just for a quick view f d applcnt details..actually there z one more page admin_view_appform details.aspx,on which there z a table containing the exact application form with all d details entered by the aplcnt.i need to download the whole content on that table..
Sandeep Mewara 12-May-12 6:03am
First of all, stop tying in SMS short hands(z,f,d...). Thats really irritating, you are on a professional forum not chatting with your friend.

Now, if you happen to see the article I shared, all you need is to change one line there as per your control.
myTabledetails.RenderControl(hw); instead of gvdetails.RenderControl(hw);

Article is a sample of how a particular control was printed out in a PDF, all you need is to use the given article as per your need.

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