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I want to convert a CString data into char[]. Some body tell me how to do this?

My code is like this :

CString strCamIP1 = _T("");
char g_acCameraip[16][17];
strCamIP1 = theApp.GetProfileString(strSection, _T("IP1"), NULL);
g_acCameraip[0] = strCamIP1;

You have to convert from TCHAR to char.

Maybe this class can support you:[^]

Some years ago I used something similar in the same environment (eVC4, C/C++)
If you don't need to modify string use: to char * I: Casting to LPCTSTR

else use to char * II: Using GetBuffer
TCHAR tchCamIPTemp[15];
_tcscpy(tchCamIPTemp, strCamIP1);
WideCharToMultiByte(CP_ACP, 0, tchCamIPTemp, -1, g_acCameraip[0], sizeof(g_acCameraip[0]), NULL, NULL);

First I convert the CString to TCHAR and then with the help of WideCharToMultiByte method convert the TCHAR data into char.

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